Exteros Smart Space

Next-Generation People Counting and Traffic Analysis

People Counting Image

Exteros transforms your retail store, shopping center, or city into a smart space.

Using any camera feed or Exteros privacy preserving sensors, we capture the full visitor journey in your space.

Value for All

Utilize Across your Organization


The right tenant for the right space – unprecedented insights for site selection. Gain the data advantage in your next lease negotiation.


Measure the effect of events and marketing campaigns. Improve sponsorship sales through audience reporting & accurate impression counts.


Improve staffing efficiency & optimize around space utilization & recognition of patterns and anomalies.

"You can’t manage what you can’t measure."

– Peter Drucker


Proven and unparalleled accuracy for traffic and demographic counts


The right placement for the right visitors. Unique insights into behavior & use-patterns


Prescriptive and predictive visual analytics and KPI reporting tools


Smart Space Metrics

The metrics that matter to know the true value of any space.

Exteros Smart Spaces provide intelligent traffic counts that capture foot traffic, demographics, and visitor interaction and engagement.


Capture person and vehicle traffic, dwell time, and pace


Monitor visitor attention, interactions and use patterns


Understand visitor age, gender, and marketing personas


Online Dashboard packed with Value

Interactive online dashboard with data visualization, heat mapping, and custom report generation.

Fully exportable data & Developer API access for all features.

Gain the Edge in Lease Negotiations

Understand traffic changes over time across multiple locations, landlords/retailers, or location types (i.e. downtown, shopping malls, open-air centers).

Site Selection on another Level

Look into busiest days and times to find the right match between customers and specific locations.

Operating Analysis

Match marketing and operations spend by optimizing store hours and staffing.

Match Marketing with Demographics

Understand traffic gender and age across locations and see how demographics change over time or seasonally.

Fuel data driven decisions